The CodeRed Time Machine – Mista Prime


I just realized my Bday passed without updating a Codered or a Blackstar mix in commemoration of a life long partnership with my old school possee. As usual like I say it every year, each time during my birthday week, which is typically around June. Someone from Kenya sends me a mix from an old radio show or an old Mix set that I was involved in at some capacity. This year looks like the mix came much later and probably wasnt directed to me because the recipients on the email were other Codered members and Blackstar guys.

However am always blessed and pleased when I get these old CodeRed mixes. I cant deny the fact that I enjoy listening to these old mixes more than any new Mix coming from any new DJ today. I am not sure if its a nostalgia thing or maybe just the DJ techniques are all different today. I also updated some old posts with the right paths to the mixes and to the images [Primetime Radio]

listen to CodeRed 2005 Mix here:


Download the mix here:

[Right click and hit save link as]


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