5Mics – Five Blessings (GetMziki Exclusive ***)


Since this is the first time I have heard of 5Mics and I am totally digging his flow, Ill do something I rarely do. Which is use content directly from his PRESS KIT. Mostly because I find people spice up their press kits so much with flavor and grease it removes for the element of knowing who the artist really is. But in summary 5Mics from Nigeria is described below from his label:

5Mics [real name, Stanley I. Ikegbulam] is an artist after a pattern. The average artist might use a brush to paint his pictures but this artist paints his pictures with words. The name ‘5Mics’ was bestowed on him by colleagues for his energetic, though provoking and soul stirring lyrics [a status earned by rappers with skills and given to rappers like Nas and Jay-Z]. His relationship with hip hop is a long standing one from his childhood days that saw him start writing lyrics and belting them out in his unique style in high school. With influences like Nas, EPMD, Biggie Smalls, 2Pac, Rakim, Eight Ball, Boot camp Click, Wu Tang, KRS One, LL cool J, Def squad and the Ruff Ryders; 5Mic’s art has always had a unique approach with a mind blowing mix of all these rapping styles.

Born to parents from the South-East of Nigeria, he was raised in Lagos where he was exposed to music at a young age. His parents were also a factor in his walk with hip hop as they were free-handed and allowed their son to experience in his words, ‘any and everything’ the environment had to offer. This broadened his view and is also the reason why his art resonates with practically every group of the society. His music is received well from international hip hop heads to the ‘boys’ in the local hoods. His education which began in Lagos brought him to Abuja where he bagged a BSc in Business Administration but this did not stop his heartbeat for his first love.

listen and download the track here:

5Mics – Five Blessings by getmziki


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