Todays Inspiration – Walter Kitundu


Walter Kitundu
image courtesy of Sf Chronicle

One of the great advantages of living in San Francisco/ Oakland area (better known as

the BAY) is that you are exposed to so much diversity. The people who live here are so diverse, so different, from everywhere – you almost blend in with most if not all of them.

The second part of living here is you get exposed to some interesting people and talents, like this cat I just scooped up information on recently called Walter Kitundu. The Tanzanian raised musical genius just landed 500,000 from John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation for his musical invention. He also just so happens to be only Bay Area winner of this award that no one knows anything about and that nominees are submitted in secrecy.

The Phonoharp sounds and looks like an interesting instrument (a fusion of harps, strings and Vinyl), I cant lie Ive been jamming to this youtube clip since I read the article and am almost convinced that I would go for one of his shows, or his lectures coming up soon.

More information about the Macarthur Foundation can be found here : Information on Walter and his winning. However for now, to all the DJ heads, music enthusiast and people who enjoy culturally diverse tunes, here is someone who has really inspired me – and moved me today.

Watch Walter Kitundu play his PhonoKora instrument!

To view or Check out more of Walters inventions –


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