Having Fun with Truly 2Kat Thanksgiving – 08


Its been almost 3 to 4 years since I took a chill pill from the whole Music industry, events and entertainment. Although I still play an active role in shaping up Blackstars vision in Kenya, and majority of partnerships that come from that relationship. In fact 80% of the content on this site is provided by Blackstar Kenya and friends of GetMziki which is a pretty positive thing.

However after a long time, seems like the itch is back – and am kinda psyked up about going and hosting the 3Kat sorry I mean 2Kat Thanksgiving this year. When I got the call, I brushed it off as most of the offers I get – but something interesting about this years plans jazzed me… // I cant give it up here but all I can say is if any of the work, promo and marketing put in place is anything to go by – then you definitely know that this year Atlanta will be on Fayaaaa!! literary!

Here is a little promo we had some fun with – thanks to Michael Wanguhu (Black Medely TV)…

The Truly 2Kat Thanksgiving website is also up and running and being updated daily.

See you in ATL, you now have atleast two months to plan your getaway, consider yourself invited. This one is truly going to be a trip… We are taking it back //


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