Vanessa Mdee Feat. KO- Nobody But Me



Vanessa has graced our pages before with various hit records here. She’s been releasing various records recently but none of them really resonated with the team. However with “Nobody but me” she’s found a record that is different and worth featuring here.

Written by Vanessa Mdee and Ntokozo ‘K.O’ Mdluli and Produced by Nahreel “Nobody but me” is a anthem for the ladies. The chorus goes like

He don’t love nobody, nobody else but me.
He don’t want nobody, nobody else but me.
He won’t touch nobody, nobody else but me.
Nobody but me, me, me, me

Ko goes hard on the verses hahha

Viscous playboy, when it comes to matters of the heart I was a bit disabled.

Give it a few spins and you will find yourself singing to the chorus.


[Download the track here: RIGHT CLICK AND SAVE AS]


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