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Yesterday, we started our 254 Freshman 2012 top 10 class list by revealing 2 artists: Kayvo and Xtatic who make part of the top 10 list. Today, we share with you 2 more artists who make the list. Jay A and The Cool Kid Tafiie.

“Yes, it’s finally here. As the year is finally approaching to a close, we are presenting the TOP 10 FRESHMEN IN KENYA in 2012. This has been a personal project and on the way recruited a few people who I believe were objective, knew what needed to be done and shared the same vision. We spent numerous hours, days, weeks and countless dialogue going back and forth between all the parties involved and the list is presented with no prejudice, payola or external backing. I know people are going to say we did not feature artist A or artist B and we acknowledge that some people might have been overlooked and we have reasons why. Please, do not ask why we do not have Octopizzo, Camp Mulla or Rabbit aka Kaka Sungura on the list. They are all past freshmen status and have graduated to the majors. We will be presenting 2 artists everyday of the week from Monday to Friday and finally close it with a mixtape from all the artists on Saturday. Thanks to everyone for making this possible.” #254top10freshmen2012

Jay A is one of the artists who makes it on the top 10 Freshmen 2012 with tons of mystique surrounding him. The jury is still out if his mystiqueness will be a postitive or a negative in the Kenyan music industry. There is not so much about him out there apart from the fact that 2012 has been a positive year for him and he’s doing what needs to be done to get the recognition he deserves. It’s not everyday that an artist can make good records, stay low key and land a feature on the Stella X3 banger with Kanja, Sinzu, Big Trill and Mwana Fa.

Why You Should Care: Jay A has a gift for successfully breaking down his lyrical skill that works great for radio. Clap yo Hands shows his versatlity to switch up his rap style on any type of beat.

Notable Releases: Take Notes, On Me, Clap yo Hands, Stella 3 (remix)

Next Steps: Jay A to be more visible and accessible in terms of releasing more records and also be more active in social media sites. Get some records that are not meant for the straight radio direction to get that nationwide touring fanbase.

Missing pieces to improve on: Lack of a solid solo individual record and an online presence. Lack of a decent catalog of songs and also lack of a good PR team.As compared to the other top freshmen, he lagging behind in his music catalog.

Listen to On me below

[audio:http://getmziki.s3.amazonaws.com/Jay_A_Ft_Amina_On Me.mp3]

Listen to Stella Remix below:


For more on Jay A, Check out his , Twitter, Reverberation and Facebook.

Watch the On Me video:

Watch the On Me Video below:

Watch Clap yo hands below:


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