Vinticqeezy – Nishapata Syke (**GetMziki Artist On The Rise)


We always strive to showcase artists making moves and releasing that good quality music that shows the growth in African music. Vinticqeezy is definitely one of those artists making moves and really stepping up the bar for the other artists in the Diaspora.

There are a couple of artists making moves in the US and although they are not releasing the typical club songs, the streets are being fed with good music that is on peoples IPods, car cd changers and music playlists. Here is an excerpt when Leo posted the Jiachilie track. “Kenyans in the US wanasimama, na wamenyonji!! raundi hii si mchezo”. Here is an excerpt when I posted the Hauna Njaro track. “Vinticqeezy is one of those artists who is slowly but surely building their fan base and feeding the streets with good quality music. He has the charisma, swagga and his lyrical skills are way out there. He is definitely on the correct musical path.”

Vinticqeezy has also figured out the formula of the web in terms of promoting his music, since he had the Facebook masses going “nuts” when he showcased only a promo snippet of the video a few weeks ago only for him to word premier it last night @ midnight. “Nishapata Syke” is one of those infectious tracks that you will find your self bumping to or singing along without knowing. Great work on the hook!!!
He rocks the first two verses in Sheng and completes the third verse in English completely creating a great track. Iko!!!!
If you are still on the sidelines about Vinticqeezy’s movement, I’m sure these lines from his third verse might make you think again.

“And if you don’t know I might just kill you with my Drizzy flow,
Ask your best rapper am that somebody that you should know…..”


Listen to the track below:


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Watch the Video below:


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