Wahu feat Chege – Running Low Remix (GetMziki Exclusive ***)


image courtesy of Wahu – Facebook & Myspace gallery

I feel bad that I have never said or written anything nice or positive about Wahu ever since we started posting tracks here. Its not like I have anything personal against her, I just haven’t been super impressed with the current music she has been putting out. I felt that there wasn’t anything unique about her style or technique. Luckily whether I thought her style was not unique or genuine it didn’t really affect her success in anyway whatsoever. She still remains the most successful Kenyan female artist to date.

The first time I posted the the original version of this song, I expressed a somewhat brush opinion of it and of the delivery, which ofcourse didnt get me so far. I eventually got my hands onto this remixed version of that song, played it a couple of times and voila it started sinking in me. It got me thinking. Maybe some artists are just good on delivering re-mixes or collaborating with other folks, because damn it this remix is hot. Putting Chege on this mix was probably the best idea ever. Chege a Tanzanian superstar has a way of humming and adding adlibs on tracks that just brings the entire experience of the song to a climax.

So I take my words back slightly. Maybe Wahu is a superstar in her own way, coupled with her striking and vibrant personality she makes up what Kenya or Africa looks for in an artist. As a person Wahu is a lovely human being – I like her a lot… musically however I may not share the same opinions with the rest of Africa. I reference Africa a lot in this post because WAHU won best African female artists in 2008 so there has to be something folks saw that I didnt. Anyway I digress. Here is her hit track Running Low.

ps. The guy who shot this video must really consider getting a make up artist. Maybe you dont think that people look at the videos in depth but …. and … maybe its just me but aren’t Chege’s lips ashy or the jama just smoked some bhangi before getting on set? Look at the first 20 seconds when Chege stars hollaring!! LOL …

listen to Running low remix here:


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