Wazushi – Coast Tour (GetMziki Exclusives ***)



Damn Damn Damn – So Wawesh is working this new project with a group called WAZUSHI! And like I said before I am back and reconnecting with my peoples. Wesh is my peoples – but what he is smoking on these new projects am not so sure about.

I dont even want to go on and on about these tracks – I just picked two off this project that are FIRE – I’ve said it before and am saying it again. Wawesh new sound is revolutionizing music industry in Kenya and if these are anything to go by. We will definitely be seeing a CRUEL SUMMER – LISTEN TO THAT Coast Tour Beat and delivery from Wazushi!! DAMN DAMN DAMN..

I LOVE THIS MUSIC – If with the level of production coming out of Africa would be matched and measured against this level… I cant wait to see what Musyoka and Ulopa have been working on for the FUTURE… BRING IT ON.

Listen to Coast Tour here:


Download Coat Tour here

Listen to Via here:


Download Via here


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