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Looks guys, I love DJ Dyme! PERIOD! At one point I used to complain that he scratched too much. Seeing him play live was the same thing, kwichii kwichiii here and there (he probably still does it from time to time) but overtime his content (music selection) has began to stand out from the mixing style. Thru DJ Dyme I have learned so much about the south music, I honestly didnt know who 2Chainz was until he dropped one of his 2Miles and Hour mixtapes and I was like okay – here is a brief introduction into the south.

His best project to me by far is his PROJECT X (a classic Mainstream house music mix thats just explosive). I hit the gym HARD on that mix.

However this morning he has stole my heart with this classic tribute I believe to OGOPA DJS in Kenya. I think ideally he wanted to make this an E-sir tribute but this really is a testament of how OGOPA changed the music industry in Kenya forever in that classic year. For anyone who was in Kenya during E-SIR/NAMELESS/BIGPIN/LOGOMBAS/DEUX VULTERS/MR GOOGS – I mean there was so much good music coming out of the Ogopa camp that was unique that was different that was eventually to be classified as KAPUKA!

I think if Kenya was ever to have a lifetime achievement award, one of the few folks I would put on that list is LUCAS BIKEDO – who honestly just changed Kenya’s music scene and future forever.

Enjoy this classic tribute to our culture, our heritage – If you were born in the 90’s then this should be a Throwback for you 🙂


1. Chizinoma ft K Rupt- Tukawake (Nairobi West)
2. E.Sir ft. Big Pin, K Rupt – Bamba
3. E Sir ft. Brenda – Moss Moss
4. E Sir – Siusare
5. E Sir ft. Nameless – Bomba Train
6. E Sir ft. Mr. Lenny – Kamata
7. Longombas – Dondosa (Rmx)
8. Deux Voulturs – Teremka
9. Big Pin – His Name Is Big Pin (Remix)
10. Mr. Googs & Veenie Banton ft. Mr. Lenny – Githurai (Remix)
11. Longombas – Piga Makofi
12. Longombas – Usinihande
13. Nameless Ft. Big Pin – Why Lie
14. Redsan – Julie
15. Chameleon – Mbona Umeniacha
16. Flexx ft. Jua Cali – Nyundo
17. Nonini ft. Daniella – Haunipati
18. Nonini – We Kamu
19. Nameless ft. Nonini – Furahi Day
20. Nonini – Si Lazima
21. Flex – Amejibeba
22. Flex – Namba Yako
23. Jua Cali – Kiasi
24. Jua Cali ft. Sana – Kwaheri
25. Mejja ft Mad Traxx & Jimwat – Mezesha
26. Mejja – Kuliendaje
27. Joint Ya Chava – Piga Picha
28. D.N.A – Banjuka
29. D.N.A – Banjuka (Remix)
30. Abbas Kubaff – Toklezea
31. Madtraxx – Get Down
32. P Unit ft Nonini – Hapa Kule
33. Ken Rezi – Ti Chi [Dj Kill Bill Break]
34. Amani – Missing My Baby
35. Historians – Hey Dj
36. Mercy Myra – He is a Liar
37. Wahu – Sitishiki
38. Nameless ft. Mr. Lenny – Juju
39. Deux Vultures – Kiyaunyau

listen to the mix here:


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