Young Chaliz Feat. Tundaman – Dezo Dezo


So I have little or no information about Young Chaliz from Tanzania, truthfully when I first heard this song I was like damn that Bamzi and Wawesh beat is about to become commercialized. Am sorry that was my initial impulse, am not saying anyone copied anything here, am just saying initially this whole beat felt like a Dela, Muthoni, Bamzi thing – period. Waithaka please explain to folks in sound technicalities what that fast paced kubumtwaff beat is all about.

Update: Actually after digging up some old files and posts I realize this is that Kingwedu sound… (check it out here:

Anyway so after a few spins I realized its actually a catchy tune with an interesting message, the track actually produced by World renowned Masta J (MJ Records). The video sums up every lyrical content that they seem to be talking about which is just hilarious yet meaningful in every aspect. I mean in English basically you want big tingz when you cant afford or handle the big tingz. You cant want to live the fast life when you essentially don’t have what it takes to maintain. The message is strong and if you can comprehend Bongo swahili then you will instantly fall in love with this song. (THANKS ALVIN MCHAGA!!!).

I like Tanzanian music videos, coz very few of them trying to paint a picture that doesnt exist. Like I havent seen a daddy cool video of a guy driving around in a BMW and singing – most of their songs have some vivid image of the context and story. They are shot in the neighborhoods, like this one was shot in Manzese although the shoes on the phonelines or power cables threw me off. Man Africans jamani, we do things sometimes just because we see them on TV LOL. Actually we do them all the time just because we saw it being done on TV. I bet no one in Manzese knows why Black Folk here throw sneakers on power cables in the hood… thats a sucker move on their part – I am still waiting for Prezzo or someone to tatoo up their face with tear drops, then I will probably lose it.

Anyway I like this song – play it but dont just play it, listen to it and watch the video.

listen and download the track here:

Young Chaliz Feat. Tundaman – Dezo Dezo by getmziki

watch the video here:


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