2) Black Twins – Bongo.com


At number 2) There is nothing that says Bongo or Tanzania more than a song that brags about BONGO – and during the dot com era, everything digital in Tanzania was dot com… (yule jama dot com yule … ha ha ha) anyway my shady people really make me happy and smile, thats the one things that makes Tanzania unique, actually Tanzania and Uganda combined are unique in that people are proud of their shadiness – for some reason until recently Genge/Kapuka was not about embracing the communities shadiness… (not until people like walanguzi came about and Boomba Clan) … But let me not digress here before people take this out of context coz I know Gidi Gidi Maji Maji and Poxy also made a living bragging about the shadiness of their cultures and ethnic backgrounds.

Black Twinz are kind of a one hit wonder group in Tanzania, I haven’t heard anything new from them since this joint, but its been one of my all time favorite songs, probably down played because people didn’t quite get it the first time. They explain Tanzania so vividly its amazing how DJ’s didn’t pick this up and slam it – this should have been the Bongo National anthem. (this and another Juma Nature song called Tanzania)

Either way – listen to the lyrics of this song also // This is another P-Funk production.

listen to Bongo.com here:


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