Brand New: Amani – Tonight


image courtesy of WJ – Flickr account

Disclaimer: Server issues will interfere with some browsers playing this song, but once you download you should be all gravy.

We promised in the begining of the week that we would have some heat and some fire from Amani. Attached is her new hit sing called 2nite (Tonight). I totally like this song, these are the kind of songs that remind me of Kenya – I like the whole English and sheng integration with swahili. I personally like Amani’s style she sticks to her roots and keeps it real with what she knows how to do best.

This song reminds me of some maasai sounds and some kitui sounds – Am not sure who the production is by but none the less its a good tune. The first time Ive listend to a whole song and no Ulopa has been dropped or Ogopa in the whole song… “Tonight am letting go” GOOD TUNE, BIG TUNE…

Enjoy the track

listen to tonight here:


Download the track here:


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