Black Coffee – Superman feat. Bucie – Club Mix


A few years ago Louis posted a track by Black Coffee which I honestly slept on. Sadly I think if I did some research that track was probably from this very same album I am posting today. Historically a lot of South African music has been under lock and key. They dont sell their music outside SA and for most part their publishing companies dont play nice with US publishing companies (RISA) but lately I see a lot of lenience being leveraged as these new South African Dance tracks start to make their way into the US market – I can actually find albums and albums of titles on Spotify but rarely on itunes.

I went to watch Black Coffee a few weeks ago in Oakland when he was in town, dude ripped it for about 5 hours straight. It made me wonder whats wrong with our East African super star DJ’s who cant DJ for more than 2 hours without fading away. Truthfully until recently Rugby sevens events was like a DJ showcase as opposed to a music experience. Whens the last time you’ve seen Kriss Darlin play for the whole night? Whens the last time you’ve seen DJ A-Dubb play for the whole night? (LOL pun intended).

Peep this in September last year Black Coffee played for 60hours straight to help promote his foundation breaking all sorts of records. DJ Black Coffee also known as Nathi Maphumulo, pulled off this marathon set at Soweto’s Maponya Mall earning himself a place in the books of history. I admire the work the guy puts in considering he plays with one hand – its amazing to watch him and just get a sense of his ear for BEATS. This track is probably his biggest so far…

listen and download the track here:

Black Coffee – Superman feat. Bucie – Club Mix by getmziki

watch the video here:


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