Jackie Chandiru – Overdose and Gold Digger


I’ve receieved a couple of emails from various djs requesting Ugandan music, which is a rarity, since most requests are for Kenya, Tanzania or Naija music. Maybe some of the djs are gearing up for the celebrations for Uganda’s Independence Day in October. Either way, I decided to showcase some music from Jackie who is currently ruling the airwaves in Uganda.

Jackie Chandiru a.k.a Jackie is one of Uganda’s leading female R’n’B artists and vocalists. Jackie kicked off her musical career in 2004 after she emerged as one of the winners for the Coca Cola Pop stars. This led to formation of the Blu 3 which became one of the leading girl groups in Africa. In 2010 Blu 3 went on leave thus leading to the girls working on solo projects.(Courtesty Reverbnation)

Jackie has been churing out hits as a solo artist and she’s one of the females who’s ruling dancefloors in East Africa. You’ve most likely bumped to her music either on the radio or at parties but either way, her music is slowly but surely catching on to the rest of Africa. We’ve had all this tracks since late last year and I’ll catch some flack especially from my pal Dan Mixa if I tag them as exclusives since he’s been consistently playing this tracks on his sets from last year.

For all the djs out there requesting for some Ugandan music, some two new additions on your Serato for the next party. For everyone out there, enjoy and overdose on great Ugandan Music from Lugbara. Enjoy!!!!

Listen to Overdose below:


Click HERE to Download the track (RIGHT CLICK AND SAVE AS)

Listen to Gold Digger below:


Click HERE to Download the track (RIGHT CLICK AND SAVE AS)

Watch The overdose video below

Watch The Gold Digger video below


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