Camp Mulla feat Collo – Party Don't Stop (GetMziki Exclusive ***)


camp Mulla

Yo! I love these kids man. I watch this video and these kids make me want to jump on KLM/KQ to Nairobi overnight just to enjoy the party. i cant deny it I really really love these kids. I defend their music as if they are my relatives but real talk I just think in terms of defining Kenyan hiphop this is it. This is it. This isnt off the shelf stuff this is just some cats trying to tell their story their own way and to me it just works. The video is hot – good quality… no need to put some skimpy chiles in the video to get me all excited. (okay I take it all back who are all those chiles sitting on the convertible??? Whose daughters are these ha ha ha!!! LOL – KENYA man… waaaa!!! things have changed)

Then you got one of Kenyas top lyricists right now – Collo to bless a verse. What more can I ask for? (Maybe my name on the license plate in the car in the video – or perhaps a tshirt – GETMZIKI) sijui. Anything man. Put me on game I want to be in the next video. Two Five Floor.

listen and download the track here:

Camp Mulla – Don’t Stop by getmziki

watch the video here:


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