Brand New: P-Unit feat Collo and Blavion – Rush hour



The perfectionist he is – Musyoka sent this song last week, however over the weekend he was listening to the track at a popular nightclub and somehow heard some mixing that was off. So he pulled the song off the record pool list in order to rectify the sound and certain portions of the track. To me the song sounded the same – I honestly can’t tell the difference but I guess thats what makes him good at what he does.

P-Unit collaborated with Collo and Blavion to pull off this exhilirating track. Immediately I heard this track I called Lovy (down in Los Angeles) and told him Lovy real talk you need to be weary – this Logombas ship is about to be rattled a little. You see to me I think there are artists who have been comfortable somewhere in a corner because no one has challenged their style. Logombas to me got bored of their style and technique – hence released the well recieved QUEEN – which has been an instant hit all over the world.

This RUSH HOUR track is pure testament that the talent in Kenya is multi versed, multi levelled and very easily replicated (I am not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing). I think also Nameless needs to watch out 🙂 First because it seems Musyoka can hack Kapuka beat anyday, but more importantly because to me P-Unit seems like one of those groups that can do anything – Right now I am definately watching out for anything they will be doing. Their debut album is definately going to be a must have…

Chap Chap ….. Kila mtu avuke na wake – RUSHHHH HOUR!!

listen to rush hour here:


download the track here:


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