DJ Fully Focus – Summer Mega Mix 2K 11


Focus – I have to admit am a painful listener and a poor critic. Truth be told I have Mixes that I listen to for 5 minutes and fall in love with and listen to them for the life of their spins. Then there are mixes that I have to be spoon fed to like. This particular mix sits in between these two consumption habits, mostly because the first time I heard this Mix about 5 months ago I was indifferent. Usually I am one of those people who likes themes, moods, moments and climaxes. So my brain is engineered to expect a set of rules when a DJ starts a mix and more importantly when he ends it. DJ Dyme tends to manage my brain well as a DJ with his Mixes coz they start with such a climax often and then theme themselves gradually – his mixes make up my gym tracks (now if he can just stop scratching ha ha ha).

But for you the challenge is I never know what to expect – I have been so fixated on the work you put together in the past, that I am not sure how to define the future LOL. So as such I didnt really think much about this mix on day one, day two, three and four. So I sat on it. Anyway 5 months later I find myself listening to the whole thing from start to finish comfortably. And it dawns on me that I am the average consumer/listener. I think sometimes DJs introduce ideas or plant ideas too early in the game LOL. I think am just like everyone else – I have to be converted. So to me this mix is like radio play, you play it often enough you definitely start to appreciate elements of it that you initially didnt (only because I compare them to your previous work).

Either way this post is a meaningless personal rant to DJ Fully Focus – What I meant to say is – the mix is certified, so here goes the post and the link to download it. This update also is very timely as you guys gear up for your upcoming November Thanksgiving events. I expect the 2011 XGV mix in my inbox soon. Atleast I know those ones are normally official, they are themed and I can wrap my brain around it – I know Babu will do dancehall, I know Kaydee will do some Kenyan Mixes and you sorta do the crazy mashups and Dyme will take me to the dirty south.. Am I right? LOL so am ready.. Inbox that mix PAP!!

listen and download the mix here:



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