DJ Kaydee – Lethal Kenyan Hip Hop 1 Mix (Mixtape Fridays)


Kaydee has been featured on the site before with his mixes. When most djs are following each other on the type of mixes, I tend to ONLY listen to specific types of mixes. Here is an excerpt when we featured Kaydee and how he avoid the “group mentality” by having dope mixes that few djs can do.
“The whole Genge/Kapuka and pop mixes has been done – there is an over saturation of so many Similar mixes floating around the internet in one form or the other. So whats going to be your differentiator? I have told the same thing to a couple of out DJs I like out there, I keep telling them its too cloudy out there you need to clear things out by being one of the few DJs who can stand out.”

This Kenyan Hip Hop Mix cleary makes Kaydee stand out. This has been on constant repeat in my car the last few months. A tracklisting is also available for all those die hard fans who love knowing what they are listening too.

1. Vile Si Huaga – Ukoo Flani
2. Ndani ya Kazi – Ukoo Flani
3. Murder Heist – Head Bangerz International
4. Plaque – K. South
5. Mazishi – Ukoo Flani Mau Mau
6. Ki-Dirty – Wachimbaji
7. Red, Black & Green – Kalamashaka Ft. M. 1 (Dead Prez)
8. Ni biashara – Mashifta
9. Tension – Cannibal & Sharamma
10. Constantly – Ukoo Flani
11. Sichimbiki – Kleptomaniacs
12. Mtu Saba – Nonini Mahatma & Jua Cali
13. Moi Avenue – Kalamashaka
14. Dandora burning – Ukoo Flani Mau Mau
15. Mpaka Saa Ngapi – One-Two Umoja
16. Kipe Yeah – Cannibal & Sharamma
17. Sisi – Ukoo Flani ? Kalamashaka
18. Punchlines Kibao – Ibrah, Vigetti & Kalamashaka
19. Mko Wapi – Kali D
20. Shujaa – Necessary Noize
21. High Volume – Vodoo Seller
22. Street Law – Head Bangaz intl



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