DJ Mighty Mike – Heavy Something Vol 5 (Naija Exclusives ***)


image courtesy of DJ Mighty Mike

One of the few interesting things about me probably has to be my listening habits. I have an array of music that i listen to and that I am exposed to, however over time I tend to lean towards certain people that I just generally like or I am fond of. For instance I was an avid DJ Tim Westwood fan for years, until I discovered Clinton Sparks. I kept it true to Clinton Sparks for years until I discovered some other local Internet stars who just blow my out of my mind with their technique skills and music selection.

The thing with these youngn’s (which I wont share because they are my resource for hot new US hiphop). Its that these cats actually write what they think about the songs, they play them, they mix them, they blend them. What they essentially did for me is they killed the whole Celebrity style music presentation and brought to me the DJ in his bedroom style performance coupled with killer turntablism and a massive selection of hot new music. I resepect anyone who can play a Bad song but blend it so well in between good songs to make it stand out as the GREATER song.

Thats kinda where I put DJ Mighty Mike. I am an avid follower of his blog and music updates, I have learned more about Naija music and artists from Mighty Mike than I have from any other Naija DJ or blogger. I mean Mighty informs me by proxy more than our own GetMziki Naija connex thats just how much respect I have for this cat. He has all sorts of mixes in his downloads vault I’d suggest if you have time visit this url: get a sampler and then download your fist of fury. As a true DJ he is music agnostic (as much as he is renowned for his Naija knowledge). The man just plays anything and makes it sound tight. I don’t think he is the biggest DJ that Nigera has currently has but I’d say he is probably the most entertaining and creative DJ I’ve listened to.

There is a Dancehall or reggae set on his downloads page he did in 2009 if you listen to it all through to the end where he does the US vs Dancehall blends you cant deny his capabilities. Also his Afromentals compilation album is sick – the sax and the Afrobeats… Shit why didn’t I think of that considering I had access to Chris Bitok all this time 🙂

listen to Heavy Something Vol 5 here:


Download the mix here:


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