Dry Gin & Frakaz Ft Dj Nruff ; The Lyrical Assassins- Chapa ilale (Remix)


It’s Monday, so let me start off by saying that we’ve had this song for a couple of months now, just vybing to it and bumping to this hot track. Leo sent me this song a while back, and I’ve played it a couple of times on my radio show, with positive responses. I won’t lie, the first time I heard this song I kinda went crazy, since it was two fold for me. One, it’s that street music that I grew up listening to and secondly, its Dj Enruff “‘Chapa Ilale” remix. Enruff, who is currently touring the US, makes me smile since he’s figured out the formula that as djs it’s not about just playing hit records but also producing and bringing to life hit records. The people who liked the first chapa ilale will love this remix. Iko!!! I’ve always insisted that some djs don’t break records but just play records that follow a formula which works for the clubs but lack’s respect in the streets.

Enruff follows no formula and he’s miles ahead from the competition. Keep on making that great music and remixes. The video is also strictly 90’s classic Lost Boyz or Mobb Deep stuff, not forgetting that it reminds me of Mada mbaya sana. Mambo MF. I’m sure Leo will relate to this track too, hahahah, not forgettng its the Lyrical Assassins crew with Calvo. Enjoy!!!!

Listen to the Lyrics

“Ati nikiseti Dry Gin, mimi huleta Frakas
Napenda kuchapa Ilale especially if she’s a hot tamale
Awe amesota ama sonko
Ati nikimaliza foreplay, mambo ni kuchapa chapa mpaka ilale

Listen to the song below

[audio:http://getmziki.s3.amazonaws.com/Frakas_Feat_Dj Nruff_Lyricall_Assassins_ chapa_ ilale_remix.mp3]

Download the track below:

Watch The Video Below:


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