DJ Mista Dru – May Dance Mix (GetMziki Exclusive ****)


Dj Dru Mixtape Series
image courtesy of GetMziki Mixtapes

I guess this week will definitely end with mixes, I have two more mixes to publish (this one and another from DJ Spinz) – I am sure this particular Dru mix has no business being on GetMziki but am posting it up anyway. One of the main reason I am posting this, is to first broadcast the a tool that we are working on which needs some input from some of the music head masses at large

We know there are some minor issues with that application and the assets are being worked on daily – however we need some input with regards to having a central repository for all these DJ mixes that keep floating around. GetMziki has no particular affiliations so we will host and serve any decent mix from any African DJ. Therefore consider this an invitation to the GetMziki Mixtapes Club.

ps. Dont worry we already own Africa Mixtapes ( so future iterations involve migrating this application to that domain and having all African DJs on one grid.

That said last month we challenged Dru to do what Mista Zoom does or what the former Mista Thrill used to do at CodeRed. I am glad Dru loves challenges coz I think this is a job well done. In Kenya there has been a burgeoning Dance, Rock, Trance, Techno culture thats been booming. If you ever attended any of those Red Friday events in the past you’d have realized that the Dance session is normally the best session.

This short but decent Dance mix just warms my blood each morning when I am walking to work. Enjoy it. Its on GetMziki by the simple virtue that an African DJ put it together – it just shows our versatility as a community.

ps. This doesn’t mean that there aren’t any other Kenyan DJs in the US who can’t do dance, I think TOD has some Dance/Rock mixes circulating as well as other cats. This mix is simply to demonstrate that a good DJ is a good DJ regardless, Dru never plays Dance but it doesn’t mean he cant and evidently he can do it pretty well.

Enjoy the mix

listen to the Dance Mix here:


download the mix here:

Right click and hit save target as – MP3



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