DJ Mpenzi – African Express (GetMziki Exclusive)


image courtesy of DJ Mpenzi and GetMziki

It seems we are going to have a MIXTAPE week so let me go ahead and bless GetMziki with someone rarely spoken, critically unacclaimed talented Kenyan DJ. His name is rarely mentioned in the Kenyan (East African) Circles yet he commands the respect and attention many lose DJs get within the community. DJ Mpenzi who also happens to be a good friend and business partner is a soft spoken dude whose politeness can be mistaken for inexperience. But I tell Mkonu all the time, you don’t need to play for Kenyans or East Africans to be respected – something he has learned to adopt and blend into his day to day career which flourishes just well without the Kenyan market at large.

DJ Mpenzi has been holding down the Bay area for years, even before I got here – funny enough I am yet to see him hold a Kenyan gig in the region despite his experience. Young cats like DJ Slim and DJ Johnny run things in the Bay from a Kenyan perspective – but no one comes close to commanding the Jungu/Black Market like DJ Mpenzi. Which is funny coz his whole brand and image speaks Kenya – his logo has the Kenyan Flag so its always fascinating to see his name and logo on club flyers and then come to realize that there will be no Genge playing just adds to the mystique behind Mpenzi.

Either way dont get it twisted! the man knows his roots (NOT GENGE though) he he he. Trust me, that will be the day. I love Mkonu coz he understands where Africa needs to be and plays these tunes for the Jungu market stone face. The reaction of the crowd speaks for itself whenever the Coupe decale drops and the Soukous, I respect any DJ who can kick dancehall and then flip it to Africa – because you are not only entertaining the crowd but you are educating them on the roots of their music. To me thats mission accomplished. Thats why I couldnt hold back but yank this mix that he made for some Charity organization he helps out – I felt the mix needed a home elsewhere including the Nuru International events.

But before I over talk his skill or expertise – please be blessed with this African Express, this is the type of mix I keep asking all these other Kenyan DJs to pull off but none has come close to. The only other guy who has impressed me in African mixes is DJXP – to date I am yet to hear someone else.

listen to the mix here:


download the mix here:

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Track list:

Ambiance – Tina Spencer
Mets Lui – Discounty Dj
Frottez Frottez – Tina Spencer & Dj Arafat
La Medaille Du Merite – Tina Spencer & Dj Arafat
Let Me Love You – Bunny Mack
Medley B – Sokous Stars
A Nous a Victoire – Atti
Guantanamo – Dj Zidane
Zouke En Decalant – Tv 5 Feat. Claudy Star
Famille Dj – Dj Kitoko
Femmes – Dj Arafat
Mastiboulance – Lino Versace & Boro Sanguy
Bouger Bouger – Magic System
C Cho Ca Brule – Magic System Feat. Cheb Bilal
Moyibi – Pepe Kalle & Nyboma
Nairobi Night – Sokous Stars
Sai – Kanda Bongoman
Grippe Ariaire – Dj Lewis
Lagos Night/Sweet Mother – Sokous Stars


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