Ego & Wawesh Mjanja – Mrembo



When you are an accomplished producer and have time one of the few things you can do is just explore your ideas on new artists or on yourself. That’s how I see Wawesh – truly in my eyes I see him as this cat who sits in a Lab all day asking himself what trouble can I get into today.

Wesh new sound is interesting, if you’ve been paying attention to a lot of the music coming from his Mombasa stable you’ll realize he is trying to revitalize the Swahili brand and the Kenyan sound in a sense. I have to admit its something I am not so sure where its headed but I am enjoying the journey with all these new music he is now pushing out and in particular the sound which I cant quite place yet.

Here is a new joing which he lent his voice to as well called Mrembo.

Listen to Mrembo here:


Download the track here

Click here


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