Eklektiks – Yangu Yote


I don’t have much information on Eklektiks but the reason I am posting this song is because for some reason I cant help but feel these cats remind me of JP/ Indiginaz. A few weeks ago I was sampling the upcoming Indiginaz album, all-through this listening session I kept telling Indiginaz that he is going to be the King of Kapuka and he should run with it.

Last week when I started listening to these cats, there was an alarming resemblance of rapping styles to how Indiginaz flows. Seriously listen to JP’s music and listen to this track. The only thing these guys dont have is the beat to facilitate their laid back lyrical delivery.

From what I understand EKLEKTIKS is mainly comprised of Petero & Davito, the track was Produced by Kevin Provoke Music of A.M.G ( Awesome Music Group). Enjoy the goodness.

listen and download the track here:

Eklektiks – Yangu Yote by getmziki


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