Habida feat Cannibal – My Reason


It’s hard for me to look at Habida and not think damn – she’s now a mom but looks soooo fly. Whats wrong with me? or better yet whats wrong with most guys? This track dropped a few months ago as well and has been making its rounds. I didn’t really like it the first time it came out. But its slowly grown on to me. Cannibal comes clean with the hook and Habidas sultry vocals add an element of excitement to the hook.

I like the fact that they brought in the baby in the video and shot the video in Mombasa. Also the fact that they have like real “DUSH” in the video. Sio Dush Mwitu like real pigeons not doves – there is a huge distinction here. I am sure it will take some folks a while to understand my fascination with pigeons (like Tyson I had 100 of them flying rats but thats a story for another day). The point is – this is real Africa.

I only have one request for Habida – please put an album together, it would really suck if you had about 6 singles out in the market flying around like Nameless before you drop your debut album. I think from my perspective I am still trying to wrap my head around your style, your rhythm and your brand. Who is Habida? What is her sound? Only an album can help define what your space in the market place will be. So lets see this album.

listen and download the track here:


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watch the video here:


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