Friday Mellow Grooves: Africando All Stars & Stan


Africando All Stars
image courtesy of Boomkat

Africando is a group that brings together African and Caribbean cultures by allying Senegalese vocals with Cuban salsa tunes. On this track they did something different which just goes to show how easy it would be to blend the African cultures and communities if only we tried harder. They performed this track in Swahili building upon the growing Salsa culture in Kenya (think Pavement club). I thought it was very appropriate to include them in the Music excursions journey…

listen to Miye na we here:


download track here:

Bonus Material


Some extra bonus material from one of my greatest albums from 2008, Stan’s album is phenomenal… This is the second track off the album “Kenyan Debut” I cant help but spoon feed these tracks to the kind hearted.

listen to Stans She is here:


download she is here:


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