Vyba and Kaulaz featuring Redsan – International Beauty


Redsan and Vyba
image courtesy of JointYa Chava Music

The first time I heard this track was on the TOD website, I didn’t know what to make out of it for a while. It took me a few more days to figure out that Chava is a producer and the other guys are actually artists. The second time I heard the song was on a TOD mixtape on my way to some Cafe 111 or something in Atlanta, then I coincidentally bumped into the gang doing video interviews and stuff – I didn’t pay so much attention because I was hungry at the time but needless to say I didn’t connect the song with the guys at the restaurant.

But let me be honest here, Chava as a producer is onto something great here – the beats are a youthful blend of Kapuka (Genge) whatever you call it but his production skills seem to capture a lot of what Kenya seems to churn out. Vyba as an artist is probably the most promising Kenyan artist in US I think if serious could possibly break this industry in the US. Kaulaz and Vintiqueezy i’d have to listen to more material from them but thats just my two cents. This track is a nice mellow track that REDSAN blessed. If you watch the making of the video you can see the excitement in the crews eyes to actually have REDSAN on a track! Those home videos keep me on youtube all day fellaz uwongo mbaya – I wish I could see how many other songs were made.

So far I would personally give this track a 6 out of ten, I apologize for sleeping on the track but Chava guarantees that there is more heat from the kitchen coming soon. On that note we are throwing this track on Eves countdown show on Capital FM. Lets see what the rest of Kenya thinks about it.

listen to International Beauty here:


download the track here:

Bonus Material:

download the instrumental here:

download the vocal here:

Bonus material – making the video:


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