GetMziki Bin It Or Spin It – (New Feature)


We started this feature a few weeks ago called BIN IT OR SPIN IT since we have been getting tons of tracks lately and there is really no great way than to have the people vote on the songs that they want featured. On our first feature we said, “essentially if you like something, please put your comments on the bottom of the post to SPIN IT and if you don’t like it let us know to BIN IT”

Overtime we will tally up the votes based on what’s being requested to be SPUN, and we will post that track, the download with the bio and the image of the artist. That simple. So this week we will start with the following tracks – let us know what you think.

*On a side note, we really can tell when people vote using the same IP address and although artists fans and foot soldiers out there mean good, we will only tally comments from an artist that only represent different IP address*

Click here for the first feature of Bin It or Spin It

listen to K-Letta – Get Low:


listen to Mohwaz – Lazima Ni Eneze :


listen to Dj Nefa – Kwa Club:


listen to Future – Si Electrify:


listen to Dubai Mamba – Sonko:



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