Just A Band – BoogieDeeBweet (GetMziki Exclusive ****)



It’s been kinda hard to ignore JAB (Just A Band) lately because everywhere I tur

n, everywhere I look, everywhere I get my information on local (US) independent music, JAB just seems to be there. I dont think many people understand how much a big of a deal it is to be on websites like WeAreHunted or Hypem.

Lets take WeAreHunted for instance (a website I check every week to find out what are the emerging songs in the world). WeAreHunted “hunts” the web by crawling and searching blogs, social networks, message boards, forums and other resources applying complex alogarithms to figure out what the emerging trending topics or songs are in the world. So consider the type of hype Just A Band has to have in order to get on the top 99 songs people across the world are talking about in one way or another. Hypem is another totally different beast but one way or the other JAB seems to have made in on both websites over the last few weeks.

As a music connoisseur who frequents these websites I honestly can’t begin to tell y’all how big this is for any African artists to be on either of these two sites. Consider this, JAB was so big that when they debuted on WeAreHunted, the folks at WAH didn’t even have an image to go with the group or band. They actually boo booed and put up some junguz as though they were JAB. It appeared as though JAB’s music moves faster than their own PR and hype lol. That said I feel its important that i grace the GetMziki audience with this crazy house beat thats currently buzzin on hypem – Check here:

Honestly I feel like JAB is about to become one of the greatest, unique sounds to have come out of Kenya. Trully these guys have changed and reinvented music in East Africa. Bless your souls. JAB for life.

listen to BoogieDeeBweet here:


download the track here:


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