Ney Wa Matego – Itafahamika Tu


ney wa mitego2

It’s Monday, so it’s time to start the week right by showcasing some new emerging talent from Tanzania. This song is huge in Tanzania as we speak and I’m sure the tons of bongo readers on the site will enjoy this one. Its funny that with all the technology in the world today in terms of file sharing, you still have to “look” for that raw, street, grimy music that takes you back to the C.R.E.A.M days.

Upcoming artists have tons of options when in the studio crafting hits and also trying to figure out ideas of how to penetrate the music industry. They also know what works and what doesn’t since they have studied all the greats before them. Some artists take the “let me diss” them route while some artists go on the “let me hustle” route. Ney Wa Matego picks the former option and goes hard on a couple of Bongo artists like Bwana Misosi, Sister P and Inspekta Haroun.

According to Nay, the track is not a diss track but rather a challenge to the artists to improve on their lyrical skills and start making songs that reflect the changing times. He said that some of the artists mentioned in the song were his role models and he was just trying to keep them re-energized, since some of then were drifting down their original musical paths. To prove that he had no ill feelings, he’s done a remix to the song with a couple of the artists that he mentions on the track.

For those who enjoy that street music, listen to the lyrics.

Listen to the track below

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