Khaligraph Jones – Top Freshman 2012 (GetMziki*******)


Now you know we had to save some of the best for last. This is one

of the best emcees out in Kenya right now. #254top10Kenyanfreshman or not, Khaligraph has etched his name into Kenya Hip Hop without anybody’s help just by skill and work ethic.

“Yes, it’s finally here. As the year is finally approaching to a close, we are presenting the TOP 10 FRESHMEN IN KENYA in 2012. This has been a personal project and on the way recruited a few people who I believe were objective, knew what needed to be done and shared the same vision. We spent numerous hours, days, weeks and countless dialogue going back and forth between all the parties involved and the list is presented with no prejudice, payola or external backing. I know people are going to say we did not feature artist A or artist B and we acknowledge that some people might have been overlooked and we have reasons why. Please, do not ask why we do not have Octopizzo, Camp Mulla or Rabbit aka Kaka Sungura on the list. They are all past freshmen status and have graduated to the majors. We will be presenting 2 artists everyday of the week from Monday to Friday and finally close it with a mixtape from all the artists on Saturday. Thanks to everyone for making this possible.” #254top10freshmen2012

Some of Khaligraph’s selling points are his presence, delivery and punchlines. Whenever he’s on a track you have no choice but give his 16 a listen and you’re more than likely to bob your head before the punchlines hit you and your like whoa did he just say that!!

Check out a freestyle by Khaligraph

Khali’s first mixtape was the Khali Jones Chronicle Volume One and as we speak he’s working on Volume 2. We don’t have to mention that you should look forward to it .

Why You Should Care: Khaligraph is a beast and his a threat to every Kenyan rapper out there, veteran and the new school groups. He kills every track he gets on

Notable Releases and Performances: Top Shottas ft Ridik, Kayvo Kforce and Fireson, Mario

Listen to Shikamoo below:

Next Steps: Khaligraph already has a mixtape coming out so I would definitely suggest some more videos and some versatility. He mentioned to a while back that he would like to work with K Cous of Camp Mula why not actually make it happen!

Missing pieces to improve on : Everybody appreciates his exceptional rhyming, but the industry is a large market and he can switch it up to cast his net further.

Listen to Mario below:


Click HERE to Download the track (RIGHT CLICK AND SAVE AS)

For more on Khaligraph Check out his Twitter, Soundcloud and Facebook. Authored by CarlThaTruth.

Watch The Best Khaligraph ft I.T


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