Kikuyu Lover – Give Me Another Chance (GetMziki Exclusives *)


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When I was in Kenya I had the opportunity of working with some very interesting people. Mostly when I worked at Capital FM. One such interesting soul is a lady called NANA! who works with the capital production and research team. Nana has an interesting sense of humor amongst other incredible talents and qualities but the fact that this track was inspired by her, I thought it was important to share this banger considering she sent it to me ages ago.

I think the essence behind this track is that the one man guitar show can eventually go main stream. I am not sure what that means but clearly this Kyuk sang the whole track in English. As it is we really don’t know who sang this song or what the title of the track is. However to make this long weekend humorous i decided to upload this track – especially after Ghanas tragic loss I really need something to up my mood.

Here goes.

listen to give me another chance here:


download the track here:


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