P-Unit – KArE (feat Mimo) (GetMziki Exclusive ***)


P-Units album is finally complete and should be hitting the stores (itunes also) in the next few weeks. I personally cant wait to meet these cats in person. I can’t wait for the US tour, I know it will be challenging for Kenyan promoters to support flight and accomodation for 3 artsts and a manager but I think the quality put into this album and they type of work these guys put out – SOMEONE somewhere better come up with a bright idea of how to get P-Unit in the US.

One of the few reasons I am persistent on getting to see P-Unit live is mainly because I feel like they haven’t let me down so far. Every song every rhyme, every video, every freestyle has just been quality delivery. To top that off with this single release to push the album – I just think its time. I think this is one group that I can listen to the entire album from start to finish. It also helps when you think that Musyoka (Decimal records) is behind the entire initiative.

P-Unit have been known to pioneer or invent new lingo/words sheng terms such as Iko Juu, Iko down e.t.a. Now with this KArE hit am left aloof… Am not sure what it means but this song is a sure shot – BANGER. Play this a few times before you pass judgment. Musyoka is a true production genius, put a genius producer with some talented lyricist and you get mega hits like this one..


listen to KArE here:


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Bonus Material DJ Material:

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