Size 8 – Fire (GetMziki Exclusive ***)


If I am not wrong Size 8 was formerly known as Linet and she was recording with Calif Records, actually I am sure its her coz there is no way two women could look this similar. The key difference in my eyes however is that Size 8 looks more cake than Linet (LOL) I mean that in a good way, its like Size 8 has had a breath of fresh air blown into her and just looking at this Fire video am like DAMN!!! Chile is hawt.

The Make up is done up well, the body is looking tight, the wardrobe could use some few pointers here and there but Jomino put together a video that just her stand out as a great artist. From what I understand she actually has a burgeoning career in the local Television scene. She made a small screen appearance on some courtroom drama called Mahakama, KBC’s Plot Ten as well as appearing on Vioja Mahakamani and Changing Times as well. Reading this article on some KenVibez post it appears that she actually went through some personal drama a while back. Without really going into the details of what happened I think I will just end this post on a vote of confidence towards her career.

I personally love this song, not only because its was written for me, but mostly because for once the Kenyan Fire Engines were used for something useful like a music video (lol) coz lawd knows those “mazima motos” dont really have any real function in that country. I also just love the video, I mean look at the chile her facial expressions, her beauty in the video is emulated so well (if she just could have lengad that pink polker dotted dress of hers and kept the black dress)… really a stylist would’ve been key for this wardrobe but Still I love the video, the light choreography and ultimately her brass voice as it kills the chorus each time Faiyaa Faiiiyaa!!! love it. Size 8 is really … well… a SIZE 8

Enjoy the track.

listen to fire here:


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watch the video here:

Bonus DJ Material:

listen to the instrumental here:


download the instrumental here:

download the accapella as well:


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