Kyraz feat Abbas & Chiwawa – Freestyle (GetMziki Exclusive ***)


I dont know if anyone has noticed lately but we’ve been on a roll in posting new music over the last few days… please congratulate us, please… lol seriously its like there has been this fire burning in our in boxes and our music delivery system that its hard to contain the amount of good music coming in.

So one of my connects – Robert has been on my case about Kyraz for a minute, the last song he dropped featured Wyre – No more that we posted a while back. Though I felt at the time that I really couldnt tell how Kyraz sounded nor couldnt form a real opinion about his skills. I am still yet to get a single that just features him on his own, however if this Freestyle session is anything to go by – then we are money.

First of all let me just confirm this – IS ABBAS AND CHIWAWA all made up? (meaning have they changed their relationship status from “its complicated” to “in a relationship” lol) seriously coz both these cats are doing a disservice to themselves if they are not DROPPING HOT JOINTS like this posted track. Doobiez comes thru on this track like crazy, then Kyraz murders and English verse then a swahili/sheng verse and then letting Chiwawa close the show. I honestly cant thing of a better way to start your career than putting yourself in between these two great heavy weights. Lets make this post simple listen to this sampled beat courtesy of LODWAR. Official.. Official …I love this ..

Rob can you confirm if all these three cats were in one studio when this was recorded…

“Niko juu ya maji kama Zanzibar, Na zi angusha kama msee ako na Manzi – BAR..” – Abbas

Man I love Doobiez man the jama is just too talented – ana mistari minene..

listen to the Freestyle session here:


download the track here:


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