Brand New : Kleptomaniacs feat Scar – Come Closer



I got my hand on some new Kleptomaniacs hit, I am not sure what to make out of this track apart from one fact – Its definitely ULOPA NGOMA – Speaking of which I just found out that Ulopa is Gido’s nephew, which means he is a Kibukosya – that being said it would explain why this cat is unstoppable – he musta spent all his childhood life in the studios. His beats are too fresh, and so far I am unable to pin point a signature beat. He changes like a Chameleon and everything he does seems to stick (golden touch – maybe we should change his name to Golden boy).

This track sounds so dirty south – yet so Kapuka so I am conflicted, I am not sure which bucket to put it into. I am continuously impressed by Klepto, their different singles as individuals were all hits, their songs collectively are hits – Collo is a ridiculous lyrists – Roba is relaxed and Nyash is the ish! Enjoy the track – I would play this on US radio without thinking twice. It feels like Lil John is in the background – It just might be Ulopa himself 🙂

Anyone with info on SCAR – please enlighten us..

listen to come closer here:


download the track here:

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