Mejja – Over My X (***GetMziki Exclusive)


In this 2012 music world, singles are the stepping stone to releasing albums. Without the right single, it's always a gamble to release the official album. Mejja has had great singles that should have transitioned to an album, but that never happened. You could point fingers at various machinery's but the fact is that you have to literally strike when the iron is hot. It's sometimes hard to get the second chance in terms of a nationwide single. Seasoned record labels know the drill. Get the album all completed then start looking for the singles to push the album. You might n

ot know it, but most major artists will have albums done and sitting for even one year waiting for the right single to get a buzz before releasing the album.

Mejja, in my opinion is one of those artists who should have should have released his debut album “Hali Duni” a while back.”Jana Kuliendaje” and “Landlord” were the perfect singles as a stepping stone for his album.

Over My X is Mejja's current single. On the song, the Kenyan emcee tells us how he's over his ex in classic Mejja style. Bump to this heavy because everyone can definitely relate to being over their ex.

Listen to the track below:


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