Vumy – Doushe Doushe (GetMziki Exclusive***)


We’ve been getting numerous brand new and exclusive tracks from our Bongo connect, Alvin. On the back and forth correspondence, he always gives us a heads up on what tracks he’s feeling or which songs he believes are worth getting a few spins on the site.

One of the songs he tagged as “worth it”, is “Doushe Doushe” from Tanzanian artists Vumy. There is not so much info on Vumy out there which speaks volumes on her artistic ambition. Her management team should go back, read and research on “artist promotion 101. Matter of fact, some of the details I found about her, either have a different spelling of her name or the song title.

Either way, I agree with Alvin. This track definitely deserves a few spins on GetMziki. I’m definitely rocking with this……

Listen to the track below:

[audio: _Dushe_Dushe.mp3]

Click HERE to Download the track (RIGHT CLICK AND SAVE AS)


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