Proff- Wako Wapi ***(GetMziki Exclusive)


Wako Wapi By Proff Produced by Keggah

I like it when we get new music from “Jobless Corner” and his team. They always have a bio, promo flyer and information on the record included on the email. It’s something that lacks in many of the music emails we receive from various record executives. Kudos to the team…..

The best way to describe this track was really made easy by the “Jobless Corner Crew” as per their promo email. Proff is currently working on his debut album “Siku Nyingi” which will be a fusion of reggae, ragga and Afro-fusion. Proff always has some crazy vocal skills and his music is like a Gumbo of East African sounds, which will instantly make his music cross over across the seas. I’m sure most DJs will be adding this track to their sets. production duries on this track was done by Boston and Diasporas very own producer Keggah.

Listen to the track below:

Click HERE to Download the track (RIGHT CLICK AND SAVE AS)


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