C.E.O feat Marvin B – Body Language



I met one of the members of C.E.O in Las Vegas around Feb during rugby, it was a rare situation but it happened and we exchanged contacts then. Since then he has sent me two tracks one of which I am posting today because I felt it has more legs than the previous track he had sent over.

I have to caveat here again that Getmziki is a team of folks, so often songs have to be vetted out by other guys. Unless a song is FIYAAAH like the Kitu Sewer then it can bypass all GetMziki protocols lol. Needless to say this track for some reason seems to resonate well with my team and has gotten enough push to be posted today.

C.E.O which stands for Chapter Entitled Outstanding is a group comprised of three members, Ben, Nelly and Kev all based in Boston MA. Over time I believe a part of the new diaspora music is going to surpass me because I was raised in a time and era that I am slowly losing touch with my young nephews and nieces in terms of what they like and listen to. The new diaspora right now looks and sounds like C.E.O and for what its worth there is really no big difference between them and folks like CampMulla in Kenya who are enjoying massive popularity.

I like this track mostly because of the collaboration with Marvin B who gave it a nice dancehall spin off. And as they make their debut on GetMziki – I’ve decided to post the track and the video to the previous song they sent me.


Listen and download the track here:

Watch the Self Made Video here:


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