Q-Chilla feat Ngwea – Naanzaje (GetMziki Exclusive ***)



Lets get back to our regular programming – Last week we were still on the journey to Tanzania, so I didn’t really get to debut all these hot TZ songs we had. So please be patient with us this week as we push all the HOT NEW BONGO tracks that we have been incubating. Having Alvin on the team just creates a bottle neck of tracks that we need to figure out how to publish.

That said – last week I was busy giving praise about how LEMAR is the new star producer in Tanzania. It’s as if P-Funk Majani heard me and quickly put this crazy Q-Chief (now known as Q-Chilla) track thats just off the charts. Its easier for me to talk about production when it comes to Tanzanian music because I honestly don’t know much about the current local acts. However Q-Chief is one person I know and had the pleasure of meeting but I doubt he would remember me. One of my good friends was responsible for putting Q-Chief on the map way back in the day – he produced and wrote “Namtafuta” Chiefs first single which was an instant hit. Today no one really remembers or recalls what Miku did but some of us who were there behind the scenes remember very well.

Either way this is all relative today because the man seems to be able to stand on his own. His vocals are on point his swagger back on track and he is just churning out hits after hit. This track which features Ngwea is just a classic – bless your years to this Bongo Records production.

listen to Naanzaje here:


download the track here:

watch Q-Chilla interview on making the video:


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