Brand New Q-Tac feat Alahola – Ocha (GetMziki Exclusive)


Clemo has been busy lately, not only is he busy making tracks, but he has been busy trying to get all his artists engaged with the web. Last week he emailed me and told me to support his new initiative – JuaCalis Diary – I would suggest signing up and seeing if its something you’d like to utilize to communicate on a one to one with your artists and or get involved in a more localized Social Network. Personally i am overwhelmed with the number of social networks out there so its hard for me to keep up, when Clemo told me to sign up I was like waaaai! another one – considering Nonini wants me to be a member of now Juacali has his diary thing, by the end of the year I will be locked in to like 20 social networks from 20 different artists (Thats not even including the Facebooks and Myspace Groups I am a member of)

Is it only me or does anyone else see the problem here? I admire artists who embrace the internet however I think we need to utilize stuff that is already existing. Unless you can put all your artists on one platform which is what I am hoping this JuaCalis Diary will do – because if you expect me to sign up for Jimwats Diary and then Flexx Diary – kutakuwa na noma. Either way I support all local initiaves. Strangely with all these internet hoola baloo – you still cant find information on artists like Q-TAC and Alahola who is part of the Calif Records camp. I hope in future we would be able to Google any of these names and find their pictures, bio’s and music. Its part of our current strategy at GetMziki although its going to take a while but we are trying.

I have a funnel of new music I need to process so please sit tight – some new music is coming your way this week.

listen to Ocha here:


download the track here:

[Download the track here: RIGHT CLICK AND SAVE AS]

Bonus content – check out this Alahola Video feat JuaCali (I love this track and video shiiiit) I think its the intro to JuaCali’s Ngeli ni ya Genge album… ITS SICK.. Wai wai wai..


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