QQU feat Tuzo – Alive (GetMziki Exclusive ***)


image courtesy of QQU

There was no image to accompany t Spirited Meditation his post so I guess we have to use our imagination for a bit. I know Mose from NIX days so I am not surprised that he is coming off with an album. Its been years for me but as I understand a lot happened over the years. He had been a judge on some Street Dancing competition, he also seems to have had a radio show on American public radio as well as a numerous number of accolades since his entertainment inception. I remember NIX dancers from back in the day if I am not wrong NIX stood for Ngoma Ibambe Xawaxawa (sawa sawa). So when I heard this track and realized that QQU (actually pronouced Kuukuu) was one of the NIX choreographers I was amazed at the growth in talent.

There is also some flare of information on the internet that puts his genre with the emerging Gospel music in Kenya. If thats the case that would put this track exactly in tune with the context of its lyrical composition. I actually like it, the beat is on point and the delivery on point. It doesnt even matter if its on auto tune – I just think it was a well prepared production both from artists and the producers.

Enjoy the goodness here.

listen to Alive here:


download the track here:

Related video – just for nostalgia sake. This was one of their singles in 2006 (collectively as a group) called sura ya malaika. It was one of my top 5 songs that year especially because of the guitar harmonies – Dude killed it I am not sure if this was R.Kay on the beat but it was a sick production also. This was the original N.I.X ziki.

Spirited Meditation


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