TKZEE – Sdudla (GetMziki Must have ****)



Hey Family – this is one song I am looking for and I figured no better place to ask for help than the community. We currently don’t have a solid South Africa connection but we are disparately searching for one. Word on the streets is TKZEE is back together and this is the single off their upcoming heat.

I LOVE THE GETMZIKI Community for this one single vibrant reason – When I put out an APB of a track I cant seem to get my hands on – there is always a cat somewhere who has it and is willing to share. Thanks Brendan for the link up. My nights are now complete with this heat. South Africa Stand up. If your DJ I believe you know what to do with this Fiyaah track!!

listen to Sdudla here:


download the track here:

This is an SOS – honestly if anyone can get their hands on the audio of this track please hit us up. South African Music is FIYAAAAH – KWAITO has always been the next level shit!


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