Ngwea feat Lady Jay Dee – Mapenzi Gani (GetMziki Exclusive ****)



Whenever Alvin comes through with Bongo Flava I know I need to stop what I am doing to pay attention to what he has sent through. The thing with Alvin is that he doesnt just send all these random songs, he takes keen attention to the type of sound we are keen on pushing here at GetMziki and then he makes the transition to send them through. This week our inboxes are flooded with hot new Bongo Flava. My favorite from the pack is a track by KASSIM which is on the homepage – but we will post it up here soon too.

The second heat from Tanzania has to be this banga of a collaboration between Ngwea and Lady Jay Dee. Fish Crab productions – LEMAR and crew are sick with the sound desks. What I get from this track is not only can Bongo producers sample, but they can sample and sample well. This definitely is a sample off Whitney Houston – saving all my love. I think having Jay Dee on the track was also a good plan although Lady Jay Dee needs to stick to just singing swahili – her voice is not necessarily the best, but her lyrical content has always captivated audiences. On this track she brings her tempo up to par with the expectations of the hook, there are moments though she tries to hit them notes and it just feels off. Anyway who am I to talk about how Tanzanians number one singing sensation should be.

Either way this track is fire – both artists just brought their A game on a subtle sample that is just fresh. Enjoy the goodness below.

listen to mapenzi gani here:


download the song here:

[Download the track here: RIGHT CLICK AND SAVE AS]

And just for the sake of nostalgia here is the original track and video : watch the whitney video here: (Saving all my love for you)


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