Skool fizz – Huku Majuu


image courtesy of African Zoo

I’ve been trying to tell guys that the whole Kenyan-American music scene is on the up rise. There are is a new style, a new genre in the making, and if Ogopa, Blu Zebra, Backstage, Homeboyz, Blackstar, Red Room, Samawati, Ulopa and any other Kenyan production house don’t recognize it – in a few months if not years you will be suprised that no one will be listening to Kenyan Music from Kenya in the US (because this genre will satisfy all Kenyans living in the US, unless there is some cross pollination in future).

I know this is such a strong statement but its the reality. Kenyans in the US or abroad in general, normaly just lack the originality, but they have access to the same tools and resources if not more. The turn around time for production is faster and essentially is cheaper. These are kids who have studios in their rooms and have ample time to be creative.

Take for instance Skool Fizz who was part of Do Klan Squad of Kangemi Nairobi with akina Chyno and Mc Evano. Who later became a DJ in Michigan (Currently still DJs for Africa Zoo). Quick turn around time, a lot of diversity – DJ, producer, artists – and to top it off sufficient personal budgets to produce music videos and other things. Now, personally I am not so into this track, lyrically it doesn’t deliver what I consider cutting edge or buzz worthy, especially because some of the content cannot cross to folks in Kenya. I know what Skool Fizz was trying to do in terms of explaining how things are huku majuu, lakini kuna ma statement zingine wasee mtaani hawawezi kunyita.

// Extra credit na sijui ma assignment – jama ha ha ha ha … hakuna kusleki, na hizo ma shout out za sijui Ohio, Dallas, Seattle, Fortworth bla bla bla . I think thats cheezy juu kwani kuna wasee wangapi Detroit ha ha ha Dj Franchize ata leta noma akisoma hii statement //

Either way the beat can get infectious if you listen to the track over and over again – but i’ll let you guys be the judge.

listen to huku majuu here:


download the track here:

Watch the video here:


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