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When some people come knocking on your door sometimes you gotta be courteous enough to just open, so when Ambrose comes knocking on our door we always feel compelled to open it super wide. Ambrose (Mandugu Digital / Dunga) has been working on some new material for Syd spurring a string of recent hits including Uta Du featuring Bobby Mapesa.

However he wanted me to highlight this song as one of his hit singles. I think we debuted this song a while back on the GetMziki Faceoff between Syd and Q-Tac… It was the Clande Faceoff – Check out the results here: Syd vs Q-tac. However today we have a little more info on Syd so atleast we can highlight this song alone and give you some background on the kid.

SYD” aka Sidney Kamau started music in 2002. He first started in a studio called herbal records that was run by Hilton “herbalist” Mwakio Juma and Victor “maichblaq” Maina. This is where he met the late K-rupt who was the brother to the herbalist. In 2003, he did the song “CHACHA” featuring the late K-rupt in the ogopa Djs Studios. Later that year in November, we lost our brother Calton “K-rupt” Juma through the hands of car jackers. 2004, released a song called African Bam Bam produced by Dan Pondera .

After that, he took a long break due to unavoidable circumstances and then moved to Blue Zebra Studios. This is where he then released the song Msamaha featuring Mr. Lenny. After the song, he then featured in a song called Sioni Tena with Gaddaffi. He later took a veryyy long Paternity leave to go and enjoy being a father and after that, it is this year (2009) that he has come back to the musical scene with a bang and promising hits from the new and improved SYD.

(bio written by Syd)

listen to Clande here:


download the track here:


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