TID feat. Mangwear – Kiuno (GetMziki Exclusive****)


TID is back at it again, since we last featured him on our pages with Mahaba. With all that has been going on with TID off the music scene and him stepping further out of his comfort zone, to still trying to stay relevant, he’s slowly searching for the right ropes to pull to get back to classic TID- and he’s not too far off.

Everyone knows that TID can create great records and he just needs to stick to what he’s best known for. Kiuno is fresh and layback, serving up a street-ready, radio friendly driven lay back beat with great keyboard-led production backing up the return of TID. Mangwear offers TID a helping hand, lacing the beat with some classic unique flow guest bars.

Kiuno is definitely going to get numerous spins in the clubs. Those digging it can stay tuned on GetMziki for all the latest music from TID.

Listen to the track below:


Click HERE to Download the track (RIGHT CLICK AND SAVE AS)

Watch video below:


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