TID & Top Band – Asha (GetMziki Exclusive **)


Khalid Mohammed also known as T.I.D is not new to this website, we have featured him numerous times and over talked his ups and downs. I personally know him as Tidi (which has eventually become an endearing term for his acronym TID – Top in Dar). One of the biggest moves he made this year was to go full throttle with the whole Top Band thing. The idea that each time he performs there was to be a band just seemed to have been genius to a man whom many had written off after his personal lifestyle interfered with his career.

Today i have little information about his whereabouts or his career development. I havent received a text from him in months after he got out of jail, however if the music coming from Bongo is any testament of his vocal capabilities then I am sure wherever he is – he is doing okay. Ive sat in on many studio sessions with Tidi and the man can blow (can sing) on many levels he just has a voice. He definitely can be a better singer with more vocal coaching and less pints and guffs and stuff he he he.

Either way I dedicated this song to one of my good friends in Dubai right now called Asha – it feels like the years of asking TID to make a song about you paid off way after the fact blaaaargh!! Does it count for anything jamani Asha! pesa sio mapenzi… pesa sio mapenzi!!! Roho yangu ina choma sana… Nitakuwa na pesa Nimuoe Asha.. lol..

Enjoy the track here…

listen to Asha here:


download the track here:

[Download the track here: RIGHT CLICK AND SAVE AS]

watch the video here:


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